Traveling With A Cat That Owners Should Know

Traveling With A Cat – That Owners Should Know

Traveling With A Cat

Vacations and out-of-town-travel present a dilemma to cat owners. Cats should not be left alone for more than a few days. Several options are available for your cat while you are gone and you should choose the one that best suits your needs.

If you decide to leave your cat behind while on vacation, do everything possible to ensure that your cat is comfortable and happy while you’re away to reduce the chances of returning home to an angry and upset feline.

Otherwise, make reservations for feline-friendly accommodations and enjoy your vacation with your cat.

Pet Sitters

A happy cat. While you’re away, your cat will probably be happiest in her own familiar and comfortable home. The least expensive method of kitty care is to ask a friend or neighbor to stop by and feed your cat at least once a day.

Many pet sitting services are available if you cannot find a personal friend to watch your cat while you’re away. Your friends or veterinarian may be able to recommend a service.


Another option for your cat during vacation is to have him safely boarded at a reputable kennel. Ask your friends, neighbors or veterinarian for boarding recommendations. And if you’re lucky, one of them might volunteer to pet sit!

If boarding is your only option, plan ahead so that you’ll have time to examine the facilities before leaving your cat. Cats should be in a separate boarding area from dogs. Some facilities have “private rooms” for cats and allow you to bring some of your cat’s favorite toys and other comfort items.

You may be able to board your cat with your veterinarian if he or she provides such services. This is an obvious advantage in the event that a medical problem comes up during your absence.

A reputable kennel will not accept cats whose shots aren’t up to date. Prepare to bring in your cat’s health record when you drop her off. Don’t leave your cat in a facility that doesn’t have this requirement, as she will be susceptible to a number of contagious conditions that may be carried in with other felines.

The Cat on Vacation

Some brave cat lovers ignore advice and take their cat with them on vacation.

Before you begin your travels with your cat, make certain to check that your travel accommodations allow cats in their facilities. Several books have been written about where you can safely take your cat on vacation, or check the Internet to find such facilities.

Traveling with pets is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, many travel businesses, such as cruise lines, are now providing services to accommodate adventurous felines and their owners. If your cat is a part of your family, why not invite him along on the adventure?

Speaking of “adventures,” remember that cats have personalities as varied as people. Some cats enjoy traveling with you while others will hide in fear. Always test your cat by taking her on a short trip before bringing her with you on any vacation.