This Spilt Honey Pot Cat Bed Is The Perfect Napping Spot For Your Kitty

September 17, 2022
Cat Bed
The age old question, of do I buy my cat a cat bed, or just give them a cardboard box… Trick question, either way they’ll sleep in the cardboard box that the bed came in, or the one that you gave them. Though, the chances of them sleeping in the bed you got them might go up significantly if you get them either a banana cat bed, a window-mounted cat bed, or one of these hilarious spilled honey pot cat beds straight from Winnie The Pooh!
 Cat Bed
The creative design for a cat bed kind-of makes me want to get one, even though I literally don’t even own a cat. I guess I would just keep it in the corner of my living room, with hopes of having a cat visit me someday and have them take a little nap in the honey pot!
Winnie the Pooh Spilled Honey Pot Cat Bed
The greatest part about the spilled honey pot cat bed is that the spilt honey forms an entry mat for your cat to relax their head on as they snooze away the day after devouring that delicious honey!

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