Dog and Cat Recovery Collars and Cone Inflatable Elizabethan Collars, Pet Doughnut Recovery Collars Will Not Block Vision After Surgery. to Prevent Biting and Scratching.


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  • 【ADJUSTABLE AND PERFECT FIT】If you’re concerned about the dog recovery collar slipping or coming off, we’ve designed a secure location inside of the dog collar surgery that simply slides your pet’s daily collar through the straps to secure it. Plus, the collar Velcro straps at the neck opening allow you to adjust the fit and ensure a perfect fit around the neck.
  • 【Stress Free】 We all know pets hate bulky cones and poor dogs and cats will keep tripping over and unable to get around. This inflatable cone collar for dogs doesn’t let that happen, the internal air pocket provides ample support for the neck while remaining light. It doesn’t block your dog’s view like a traditional Elizabethan collar, and it allows your pup or puppy to chase butterflies while wearing its collar.
  • 【Scratch and Bite Resistant】This inflatable dog collar is the perfect dog cone replacement after surgery. Inflatable Dog Neck Donuts act like a plump barrier around your dog’s neck, effectively preventing pets from biting and licking the injured or surgical site. The unique and cute donut shape makes it look like a pet ornament rather than a dog surgery collar, at the same time, the inflatable dog donut can also be a great helper for pet grooming, manicure and medical services.
  • 【EASY TO CLEAN】 Inflatable dog cones are easy to clean. It’s also easy to clean if needed, just unzip and remove the outer cloth. The soft tapered collar for dogs after surgery keeps your dog comfortable and even acts as a neck pillow to help him/her fall asleep quickly and forget about the pain of the wound.
  • 【EASY TO USE AND STORAGE】 When your dog/cat is injured, you just need to inflate the inflatable dog cone with our included pump and then you can use it. When your dog’s wound has healed, you simply deflate it and fold it into pieces to store it away.

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The Recovery Collar is a soft and comfortable inflatable collar designed to prevent your pet from scratching or biting the injured area. It does not interfere with your pet’s peripheral vision and they can eat, drink and sleep normally. It will not mark or scratch furniture. Great for dogs and cats recovering from surgery and washable. When not in use, it can be deflated for storage.

Made of the latest twill waterproof fabric, it is splash-proof and easy to clean. This dog donut is perfect for dogs after surgery. Our dog recovery collars can effectively avoid secondary infections caused by stains and water spots, and can keep wounds in a safe environment to help them recover.

【Name】Pet protective cover

[Material] Environmentally friendly PVC + short plush outer ring.

【Weight】S=65g, M=105g, L=190g,

Size Neck Circumference Breeds

S 5”-8″           Cats,Chihuahua,Teacup Yorkshire Terrier

M 8”-12”   Maine Coon Boston Terrier|ack RusselMiniature Dachshund

L 12”-18”   French Bulldog,Border Collie,shiba lnu, Springer Spaniel

This collar can also be used as a pillow and your pet can sleep comfortably with it.

If your pet is between the two sizes, you’d better choose the larger one.

how to use?

Pinch the blow valve to inflate the collar and pinch the valve flat! Please pull the zipper before inflating and inflate until it feels 80%-90% full.

Thread your pet’s daily collar through the inner ring of the cone to hold the donut in place.

Place the cone on your pet, then tape the strap that should be on the back of the neck, and adjust it for a perfect fit.

When deflating after use, pinch the inflation valve port to deflate faster, and pinch the air valve flat! Easy to store.

Remove and wash the cap as needed, just lightly scrub the surface of the cap for easy cleaning.

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