Marchul Tilted Cat Food Bowl Set

  • 【Cat Bowl With Feeding Mat】Helps protect floors from messy food and water spills. The rubber material is non-slip, and there are four non-slip pads at the bottom of the bowl stand, which makes the cat bowl more firmly locked in place.
  • 【Neck Guard Cat Bowl】The 15-degree tilt design protects the cat’s cervical spine and allows the cat to eat more comfortably. You can choose the tilt angle suitable for the cat by rotating the cat bowl.
  • 【Automatic Water Supply cat bowl】Siphon principle, automatic water supply and maintain a stable water level, 17oz, large-capacity water bottle, can meet the drinking water needs of cats/small dogs for 2-3 days, even when not at home, you can let cats drink clean water. Moreover, the pet food and water bowl set is detachable, easy to clean.
  • 【Cat Bowl Material Safety】The cat bowl is made of food-grade PS material, which is safe and non-toxic.
  • 【After-sales Guarantee】We provide a 30-day quality guarantee. if you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us.

Product details

Material Rubber
Target Species Cat, Dog
Brand Marchul
Color Cat Bowls with Mat
Capacity 1.1 Pounds
Operation Mode Manual

  • The 15° tilt neck guard design brings a comfortable eating and drinking experience for pets.
  • Heightening the cat bowl stand can improve the pet’s eating posture.
  • 17oz water bottle, can meet the drinking water needs of cats/small dogs for 2-3 days.

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