Keep Kitty Busy with Cute Cat Toys

Keep Kitty Busy with Cute Cat Toys

Keep cat busy with toys

There are cats that love to play, and there are cats that rarely if ever play with cat toys. Some just prefer to laze around all day, others prefer to hunt, and others like to spend quality time with their humans, being loved-on. Almost all kittens have a playful streak and will play and entertain us and themselves for hours.

For the playful kittens and cats, there are many cat toys to choose from. Cats love to hunt; therefore it stands to reason that they would love cat toys that they can practice their hunting skills with. The majority of cat toys on the market are geared to that end.

One true way to get a lazy cat to play, even if only a little, is to give them some catnip – to munch on or have it in or on a cat toy.

All cat toys are small and lightweight. Because cats are not large animals, they only need toys that are small enough and light enough for them to handle. They love cat toys that move, crinkle, are soft, and light-weight. Toys that they can bat around a room are what they like the best.

Types of cat toys

There is the standard hard plastic ball cat toy. These balls usually have something inside them that makes noise, such as a bell.

Along with the standard hard plastic balls, there are soft fabric cat toys that crinkle when they move. These are another favorite of cat toys.

The glow in the dark balls is great. As cats are naturally nocturnal animals, they tend to play and hunt more during the night-time.

Cat toys that are made with feathers can be found in many shapes, colors, and sizes. Some are attached to a stick with a string – great for teasing your cat, getting him or her to give chase or jump to catch it. But, don’t let your cat play with this toy unsupervised as it could become a choking hazard or cause digestion problems if pieces of feather are swallowed.

Paper bags have always been a favorite of cats. They love nothing more than to get inside a bag and play around, making the paper crinkle and move. Now there are cat toys that are in the shape and feel of a paper bag, but are motorized so that they move around to entice your cat to give chase, pounce on, and generally have a good time.

Cat and mouse – together? Only in a cat toy! Find a stuffed mouse that is the size, shape, and color of a real mouse. This is bound to be another favorite cat toy.

Cat treat toys, filled with catnip or cat treats. Let your cat work for his or her snacks. Your cat will love the fact that the treats spill out of the toy as it rolls along. He or she will bat it again and again, and get a prize each time.

As any cat owner knows, cats are very agile and love to jump. There are cat toys that can be placed on a door hanger so that your cat will need to jump up to play with this innovative cat toy.

Shopping cute cat toys

It seems that pet stores, including the major pet stores, don’t cater to cats and cat toys. They have a small selection of the more common cat toys whereas online cat stores are able to carry the most common toys as well as many unique and novel cat toys. If you are looking to buy cat toys for your cat or someone else’s cat, the best place to search and to buy is from an online store.

Make shopping for your cat toys a pleasure and a relaxing affair. Shop from the comfort of your home, take your time to find just the right cat toy, and then enjoy watching your cat have some fun.