Find the Name for Kitten

Ideas for Kitten Names

Ideas for Kitten Names

Choosing the best kitten names for your new delight can sometimes be an immediate “ah-ha” moment. When, looking at your new charge, who is, say, caramel-lilac, sleek and tiny, yet long like a greyhound. With a petite Oriental face framed by white tiger markings around the eyes and nose. “Gandalf”, you nod sagely, “It must be Gandalf”. Well, it might be if you love Lord of the Rings and just saw the film…

Choosing kitten names can just as often be an exercise in mental gymnastics or evolution into a nickname. It can echo a place of birth, like “Blighty”. It can reference a fascination with a particular historical or mythological period, like Ishtar, the Babylonian goddess.

Although true to the possibilities of evolution, and more accurately becoming more of a reflection of your cat’s personality, Ishtar can become Squish, Squishy, or Squishminx (you might not believe this from the nickname, but this is my Balinese cat – very elegant to look at, and yet a very goofy cat).

If you’re stuck for inspiration, where could you start for kitten names?

  • any Gods/Goddesses
  • any authors, poets or comedians you like
  • a place name, like Calcutta, Cymric, and Pelion.
  • a Biblical name like Vashti (well, unusual Biblical kittens names to be sure, but I think you see that theme emerging from my choices, don’t you?!)
  • characters from your favorite books or films. I think Neo and Morpheus would make great kitten names. Then there’s Tom Bombadil, and of course the beautiful Galadriel perhaps changed to Galadryr, or Arwyn. And on a different track, Misha.
  • you could put Mr in front of any name, nickname or made-up term of endearment. I know someone who’s kitten names included Mr. Kuchy.
  • if you were at all interested in metaphysics, meditation or spiritual related things, you could choose kitten names like Mu (or Mu Mu), Viragi, Ankhi, Tara, Azura, Rhanthia, Azurline, Mahara, Rashana, or Yani.

Find the perfect name for a kitten

One thing to remember when choosing your kitten names is that cats often respond to the -i or -y sound at the end of their name. Like Squishy, Lizzy, Blighty. Even Gandalf gets “Gandalfy”, and Oscar (named after Oscar Wilde, as our Tonky-boy is a bit of a wild child) becomes Oscy sometimes. Aslan just never answers to her name 🙂

So have fun choosing your new kitten names. Look for inspiration in what’s most meaningful for you, and don’t be afraid of the unusual, or of making up your own kitten names completely! And if all else fails, go to your local bookstore and have a look through a Baby Name book.