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Nutritious cat food

The nutritional needs of cats are very different from dogs. For this reason, it is important that cats are fed cat food and not dog food. Cat food is created with the specific dietary requirements of cats rather than simply by the ingredients that are used. Cats need a very specific amount of vitamins and amino acids in their diet. If this is not supplied, the cat will eventually have one or more medical issues to take care of.

The amino acid, Taurine, is a very important ingredient in a cat diet. Taurine is found in meat which is the main reason that cats are carnivores. To avoid degradation, amino acids need to be added to the food after processing. If a cat has a Taurine deficiency, it could cause retinal degeneration, loss of vision, and cardiac damage.

Types of cat food

Dry cat food has approximately 8% to 10% moisture and mainly consists of grains, animal fat, starch, along with vitamins.

Wet cat food is approximately 75% to 78% moisture, and generally consists of the same ingredients as dry food. Studies have shown that there is no nutritional or health difference between dry or wet cat food

Vegetarian is basically a protein-free (meatless) cat food. If you choose to use a vegetarian diet for your cat, you will need to make sure that it contains all the nutritional value of a good quality cat food. This means a good balance of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Organic cat food is made from food sources that are free of antibiotics and hormones.

Holistic cat food is made with high-quality protein (meat) and does not contain any by-products. By-products have no nutritional value to your cat; all they do is add calories. They are used as a filler and usually consist of bone meal, beaks, ground intestines, and other body parts. By-products don’t contain any of the essential amino acids that cats need.

Natural cat food is basically the same as holistic. It is all-natural, with only quality ingredients. This type of cat food can be purchased or it can be home-made.

Raw cat food is a little trickier. If you choose to feed your cat a raw food diet, you will need to do extensive research before starting on this route. It is absolutely necessary that you give your cat a well-balanced raw diet. Care must be taken to avoid bacteria which can lead to other serious medical issues. The raw diet should only be undertaken once you are sure about what you are doing as it could do more harm than good if not done properly.

Kosher cat food doesn’t contain any grains, deer, sheep, pig or rabbit. Goat meat is okay. Only fish that has fins and scales that are easy to remove are considered to be kosher. Fish and meat cannot be served together. Milk and meat cannot be served together.

All-meat cat food is totally grain-free.

Gluten-free cat food doesn’t have any gluten – gluten is a protein that remains when the starch is removed from grains.

High-fiber cat food is higher in fiber and is suitable for cats that have stool consistency issues. It is used to improve bowel movements mainly by stiffening stool.

High-protein cat food is used for cats that need to increase their energy level. It also promotes weight loss, reduces arthritis symptoms, cures constipation, improves the quality of the coat, prevents diabetes, as well as other health problems.

Grain-free cat food is for cats that need protein from meat. Grain-free food usually contains meat, fruits, and vegetables

Low-fat cat food is used as a control for feline obesity.

Lite cat food is another food that is used to control feline obesity.

Anti-allergy cat food is made for cats that have allergies. The allergies could be for beef, rice, wheat, chicken – there are different formulas made for each of the more common allergies in cats.

Regardless of the diet you choose for your cat, you should be able to find the greatest variety of cat food online and have the convenience of getting it delivered right to your door.