Cats and Kittens - Two Common Misconceptions

Cats & Kittens – Two Common Misconceptions

Cats & Kittens – Two Common Misconceptions

Even though cats are probably one of the most popular pets in the typical household, there are many people that still hold misconceptions about these wonderful animals. There is no doubt that some people who dislike cats (based on false information) would probably enjoy having them as pets if they would just open up their minds.

Most of these misconceptions that people have about cats stem from constantly comparing them to dogs and let’s face it, that’s probably not the best way to look at it. Not everybody loves the way dogs act yet may appreciate the independent character of the cat. It’s the same as a cat lover who might not be attracted to an animal that constantly needs love and attention as a dog does.

Let us dispel a few of these common misconceptions about cats

Below are two that you may be familiar with:

“Cats have no personality and are very cold towards people”

It is no secret that cats are very independent animals and are not the most affectionate of pets. This is probably the most common reason why some people may assume that a cat would not make a great pet for them. Yes, cats certainly do choose their moments when it comes to affection and may not always be willing to be overly friendly, but they are in fact very loving animals.

And when cats do try to nestle up to your leg or try to get a pat on the back, cat critics again claim that they are just in it for the food or a treat. But this is not true. Cats love and appreciate the warmth and affection from their owners, just not as much as dogs do. Cats love to hang out on your lap, lay around your table areas, or smuggle in most places next to you when they are ready to rest.

“Cats take care of themselves and do not need human contact”

This is another misconception that is not entirely true. Sure there may be more wild cats walking around the neighborhood than dogs, but that doesn’t mean that a house cat that has been raised as your pet will want to escape from your home and wonder all into the streets.

Of course, it is true that cats are very easy to maintain and pretty much to take care of themselves. However, a healthy cat who has been raised with lots of love will always show affection and want to be in contact with its owners. But that is what many people appreciate about cats – that they are extremely low maintenance compared to other pets.

By Teri Champigny