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Cat Trees – Would Your Cat Like a Cat Tree?

Cat Trees – Would your cat like a cat tree?

Cat trees are becoming a popular item that cat owners buy for their feline pets. Kittens and some cats really enjoy climbing up and over their cat trees whilst others seem to completely ignore them and in fact, appear to look on cat trees with disdain.

Big Cat Tree Tower with Scratch PostBig Cat Tree Tower with Scratch Post

At times when you see your pet curled up on your lap or in front of the fire that they were originally wild animals. However, over thousands of years, they have become domesticated and have learned to cohabit with the human race. This though does not mean that they have completely lost all their basic instincts. Cats have an inbred hunting instinct and even the best-fed cats can be seen stalking birds and other small creatures on occasion.

A Cat Tree

Another inbuilt trait is climbing, which is one of their methods of getting out of the way of dangerous predators. The cat tree gives the housebound cat the opportunity to use its natural climbing instinct without the need to call the local fire brigade to come and rescue it.

build your own a cat tree

Cat trees come in many forms and process ranging from a few dollars up to several hundred. The good news is that if you or someone you know is handy at woodworking it is pretty simple to build your own.

To build a cat tree all you need is some suitable wood and spare sisal or matting and it should not take too long to put one together. and if you search the Internet you will find some free plans for building cat trees.

Most pet shops have a selection of cat trees and sites such as Amazon also have a wide range available. Most cat trees have at least 3 tiers and they can be as much as 6 feet or more in height. It is important that they are on a firm and stable base as your kitten or cat will not appreciate it if the structure topples over when they have climbed to the top.

Whether it is worth either buying or even making a cat tree depends very much on the nature of your kitten or cat. Some are obviously natural climbers who will find the cat tree will help alleviate the boredom of being a house cat. This can be especially true if the cat is left for long periods on its own. On the other hand, some cats like mine will simply look at the cat tree decide it is all too much effort and curl up in front of the fire and go to sleep.