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Cat Supplies for your new cat

Cat Supplies for your new cat

cats supplies list must haveA new cat may arrive at your home with little or no baggage but you will need to get cat supplies from your local pet store or vets. Not only do you need food for your new pet but whole list of other items for homing and training and are found to be the most effective.

Choosing the cat training supplies needed is never complicated. It is possible to spend a fortune on your animal if you wish but that is your choice, the basic cat supplies are both readily available and not expensive.



Essential Cat Supplies

1. Litter Box
A litter box is very important in training a cat especially if the cat will be confined inside the house or flat for long periods. Cats are naturally clean animals and most can become litter trained surprisingly quickly.

When choosing a litter box, the size of the box and the sides should be considered. The cat should be able to jump to it easily, which is why enough space is needed. Cats scratch when littering. The sides should have some height so that the litter will not be scattered when the cat scratches.

2. A Scratching Post
Cats love to scratch. Much of the time they will scratch anywhere they like if you let them. They scratch on the walls, couches and even on other furniture. Therefore, it is necessary to have a post where a cat can scratch.

A scratching post can be bought commercially or the owner can improvise. At first you may need to train your car in the use of the scratching post.

When making an improvised scratch post, the post should be sturdy enough. It should not tip over once the cat touches it. It can be covered with a rough mat or the other side of a carpet.

However, it is not recommended to use the same coverings used for the couches or furniture otherwise, the cat will do the same to them.

3. Bed for the Cat
A bed should be also be prepared for a cat especially if the cat is be trained not to sleep anywhere he wishes. A bed should be specially made for the cat.

The trainer or cat owner can improvise a bed that is made of a soft pillow. It should be inviting and appealing to the cat. Cats love to sleep in warm places. That is why it is important that the bed should provide enough warmth for the cat. A scent can also be added to the bed, which is more appealing to cats.

4. Yarn or Balls as Toys
Cats are just like people and if they are left on their own for long periods of time will become quickly bored. There is a huge range of playthings and toys designed for cats. They range in price and to be honest the cost of an item has little bearing on how often your cat will play with it.

Cheap items such as table tennis balls and balls of yarn are often a cats favorite play things.

5 Cat Food
The is a wide choice of cat foods, tinned, pouched and dry crunchy food are amongst th most popular. It is advisable to get your cat used to these especially prepared foods as they contain the vitamins your cat will need to grow healthily. Avoid giving your cat milk as milk is not good for felines but make sure there is a plentiful supply of fresh water available.

Cat Supplies – Plan Ahead

If possible before your cat arrives it is worth giving some consideration to the type of cat supplies you will need. When a cat moves in you do not need to spend a fortune on cat supplies and if you have had a cat before you may already have most of what you need.