Bladder Stones in Your Cat

Bladder Stones in Your Cat

Bladder Stones in Your Cat

Your cat can get bladder stones just like you and I can. They are extremely painful and, if not taken care of, they can kill your cat.

Cats have a very narrow urethra, even for their size. So any kind of blockage can be harmful. Bladder stones are basically small rocks. They are rough and uneven in size. Your cat can have these for any amount of time. It isn’t until they get stuck in the urinary tract that they become a problem.

Urinating in a new place

If your cat starts urinating in strange and new places, there could be any number of reasons. They could be getting older. Their litter box may not be clean enough for them. They could be mad at you. Some people will tell you that cats don’t do things to spite you, but I can tell you that they most certainly do.

Blood in urine

Another thing to look for is blood in their urine. If they keep trying to go, and can’t. Both of these are signs of bladder stones or another illness your cat may have, so take them to the vet immediately. If it isn’t bladder stones, you will just be out the cost of the visit, but if it is, you have just saved your cat’s life.

At the vet

At the vet, they will get a urine sample and do tests. If they discover stones, there are options. Some stones can be dissolved with medication. Some can only be removed with surgery. Most cats only have one or two stones, but some can have more.

The more stones, the more room they take up in the bladder, and the less room for urine, so they will be trying to go more often. And if one of the stones is in the tract, then they can’t do anything except fill up behind it. Sometimes they can pass the stones, but more often they can’t because their urethra is so tiny.

Bladder stones are caused by a pH imbalance. Their pH can be either too high, or too low. There are medications to help balance the pH in your cat so you can avoid having a repeat experience. If your cat’s pH is too high, there is too much alkali in your cat’s system. If it is too low, there is too much acid. There are special foods to give your cat to help keep their pH in balance.

Talk to veterinarian

Talk to your veterinarian to see if you can use the food or if you need medications. Also, if you need medications, ask your vet about liquid. I don’t know if you have ever tried to give a cat a pill twice a day every day, but it isn’t fun. Liquids are so much easier, especially since they are flavored.

Keep an eye on your cat, and they will be there with you for a long time.