Adopting An Adult Cat

Adopting An Adult Cat

Adopting An Adult Cat

Are you considering getting a new cat but are unsure whether to buy a kitten or an adult? There are definitely some advantages to purchasing an adult house cat as opposed to a kitten. However, one major disadvantage of acquiring an adult cat is that it does not have that baby “cuteness” that we all love about kittens.

Young kittens are probably the most fun and goofiest pets to have, especially if you have children in the house. They are like nonstop energy balls of fluff, racing around the house, jumping on anything they can, skidding across the hardwood floors, and of course attacking anything that moves, including your arms and legs! It sounds cute, doesn’t it?

However, not everybody enjoys this type of behavior that all kittens are known for. If you’re one of these people than these endearing kitten moments may not be for you, and adult cats are more suited to your needs. Why? Because once they reach maturity, cats become more reserved and calm. They lose that neurotic playful behavior that kittens display.

Advantages Of Getting An Adult Cat:

When adopting an adult cat, what you see is what you get. You get exactly what you are looking at and can see first hand what his behaviors are like. His body type is grown into, his color and shape are already determined, and his behavior and personality have been developed. You will know whether this cat is too active or not active enough. You will know if he is going to be too vocal and loud for your environment. And last but not least, you will discover immediately if he takes to you and enjoys your company.

In addition to these benefits of selecting and owning an adult cat, they are more easy to care for and can offer more affection than the typical kitten would. You’ll also be giving this cat a second chance at life. Not all adult cats are lucky to get adopted. Most are left abandoned and suffer the consequence of getting put to sleep.

Disadvantage Of Getting An Adult Cat:

There are also some disadvantages to adopting an older cat. One common problem is the possibility that it may display behavioral problems that went unforeseen when you picked him out. A common problem with adult cats is not using the litter box properly. Ironically enough, problems with the litter box are one of the top reasons why pet owners bring their cats to shelters in the first place. It may not sound like a harsh enough crime that warrants a cat to be put into a shelter, but not using the litter box and urinating all over the house can be very frustrating. Eventually, cat owners decide that their property is more important than keeping the cat.

But do not let this deter you from getting an adult cat! Behavioral problems such as this and other minor issues can be easily taken care of with the right training approach. It is important to know that reputable shelters and breeders will almost always disclose as much information about the behavior of the cat as possible. Only rarely do problems go unnoticed and unreported to those owners who adopt a pet.