Tips On Taking Care Of Your Cat

3 Tips On Taking Care Of Your Cat!

3 Tips On Taking Care Of Your Cat!

Tip #1- Curtain Climber!

As in all aspects of life, classical conditioning is a principle used to keep your cat associated with the climbing of curtains and cat supplies guide misbehavior. Associating a pleasant or unpleasant situation with a discouraging or encouraging reward such as a loud noise or say, a treat, is very effective.

3 Tips On Taking Care Of Your Cat!To train a cat from climbing curtains, use a rolled-up newspaper and keep it handy on the coffee table or end table next to the curtains. When the cat starts to climb, make a loud noise by banging the rolled-up paper on the coffee table or floor or any hard surface. Use a low, but firm voice, to get the cat’s attention to get down from the curtain. Hit the floor or table again if the cat ignores your request. Successfully done, the cat should respond the next time by you just showing it the rolled-up newspaper! Do this every time the cat starts to climb the curtains. You can also reward the cat with a treat if you feel, to reinforce the good behavior.

Cats are just like children, in that they will try to push your limits on certain occasions. Bring out the rolled newspaper again if this happens and slam the paper on a hard surface again, and this will certainly remind them of this unacceptable behavior!

Tip #2- Getting A Second Cat!

When deciding on getting a second cat, consider that a new kitten will have to be litter trained. Having the primary cat as a role model will be quite an advantage, but also remember that litter changes will increase in frequency as well. There is also the consideration of extra costs on vaccinations, spays, and neutering.

Set up a new room for the new cat when it first comes home until it can recover from the shock of being removed from its previous family and surroundings. Kittens do not like to be handled too much when they have been moved from one location to another much either. It is always good to pamper a new cat or kitten so that they know they won’t be losing attention from their new landlord!

Tip #3-How To Shop Online For Your Cat!

Shopping online for pet supplies, many people are finding larger selections and product possibilities, directly sent to their homes at the click of a button. Where do you decide to buy your cat’s products? Are you still buying pet supplies from walk-in stores or big discount warehouses? Buying cat supplies in this way does not always ensure a good discount. You can get online pet discounts for pet beds, pet food, carriers, cat dishes and more!

Most pet owners are concerned about the need for supplies which are safe, durable and affordable. When shopping on the internet for pets, buying quality products is a must, and many sites have seals of quality approval when it comes to buying discounted medicines and training/care pet products. Also, many pet supply websites have coupons or free shipping, which adds to the total economy of changing to online pet shopping!